Genblu Lemon Silver – GPS Tracker


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Installation is PAYABLE SERVICE
(Up to RM50) Subjected by Yamaha Dealers

App Tracking
Enables app tracking for real-time monitoring of the motorcycle’s location by the user.

Wire Tamper Alert
Provides instant wire tamper alerts to the user’s mobile phone if anyone attempts to tamper with the tracker’s battery connection.

Backup Battery Included
Includes a backup battery, allowing the user to track the motorcycle for 8-24 hours even if the main power source is disconnected.

Geo-fencing capability allow users to set up virtual boundaries and receive notifications when their motorcycle enters or exits these areas.

Water and Dust Resistant (IP65)
Designed with an IP65 rating, the device is resistant to water and dust and capable of functioning effectively even in harsh weather conditions.

Wide Operating Voltage 9-90V
Operates on a wide voltage range of 9-90V, making it compatible with various motorcycle models, including electric motorcycles.

Plug Out Alarm
Triggers a plug-out alarm to alert the user immediately if someone attempts to remove the device.

Playback History
Provides access to up to 180 days of playback history for the user to monitor the motorcycle’s usage and track its movements.

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